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Our Process  

At Better World, we use a team approach to define, organize, design, produce and test your web site.

Here's the process we will take you through in building your web site.



This is the first, and most important phase in creating a web site. We will work with you to clearly identify the results you want from your site. To achieve these results, we will jointly define goals, features, and functionality for your web site. At the end of this phase, we will have a good, solid blueprint to work from.


A good web site has to have a solid foundation and a strong framework. In this phase, we will define how the site will be arranged, and how the pages will work together to produce an optimal user experience.


The choice of colors, artwork, and style depend on the type of business you have. We will work with you to identify the best way to present your company online.


With the look and feel defined, we can make plans to develop the content that will really give value to your web site. We will work together to adapt the specific information on your products, services, and messages to the web.


The features provided by applications developers work behind the scenes to provide features such as an on-line catalog, shopping cart, or contact form.

For many sites, a database will be developed to store data to provide dynamic content to your site. Examples include data about items in a catalog or the homes a builder has for sale. In this case, we will develop a secure administrative interface so that you can easily update the data in your database whenever you add products or change prices.


We design testability into your site, and then we test several times during the development process to ensure that your site works as designed.


The next step is to put your site on the web. We can help you find an appropriate ISP to host your site, and we will upload your site.


Once a site is launched, it will need to be updated periodically? Using our content manager, you can update much of the content yourself.

In many cases you will want to add features. We'll work with you to make ongoing improvements as your needs expand.


We hope that this page has helped to clarify how we can work with you to create your ideal web site. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how this process can help your company take advantage of today's opportunities.

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