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Site Redesign  

Perhaps a redesign of your web site can improve it's effectiveness.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from a site redesign.



Does your current web site fully satisfy your customer's needs? Is the site easy to navigate? Are there opportunites to provide information online rather than having your customers call you? Can each customer log onto your web site to see the status of his or her orders or accounts? Does your site automatically generate an email confirming order receipt and order shipment? A redesign can add functions to increase customer satisfaction in areas identified by answering these questions.


Does your site support on-line ordering? If so, does it make identifying accessories and complementary products or services easy? A redesign can facilitate increasing your sales.


When a customer returns to your site, does it recognize who he is, and does it customize it's presentation to meet his needs? Does your site provide navigation and search facilities that are selectable to support customers, prospects, vendors, and employees differently? A redesign can personalize the user experience for each class of user to improve service.
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